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Including anti angiogenesis food into our daily dietary is the cheapest, easiest and most possible thing we can do to reduce risk of cancer.

Again as I mentioned earlier, you do not need to fly miles away home for anti cancer foods. They are all available in your grocery stores, traditional markets or if time permissive you can plant them in your backyard!

If you find this page coincidentaly, you may read what angiogenesis is and how inhibit the process can prevent a tumor from being cancerous.

Dr William Li, in his angiogenesis foundation lists more than 30 foods that if consumed regularly can inhibit angiogenesis process that, in turn, can avoid a cancer cell from growing further.

I only list 10 of them that I think are available every where in the world. Moreover I did not include some of the foods that are in controversy such as wine, and soy bean.

Here are the list of anti angiogenesis foods that you can find in your local market.

 Anti Angiogenic Foods are Available Worldwide

1.  Green Tea.

  • Make sure you only brew organic green tea. Explore more on how green tea can reduce cancer risk. Learning how strong anti oxidant it contains, no wonder why Dr Li includes green tea in his list. 

2.  Strawberries, (3) Blackberries, (4) Blueberries, (5) Rasperries Berries and (6)Cherries.

  • There are three phytonutrients in common that berries and cherris contain; antocyanins, quercetin and vitamin C. A Study on biological activities suggest that berries show a potent anti oxidant and anti cancer effect. Eat these anti angiogenesis food as whole food to reduce cancer and/or during chemothreapy. Eat them in the form of smoothies would be one of my recommendation. Don't juice them using a juicer but rather use a blender. 

7. Red Grape (more information to come)

  • Not only are good in inhibiting angiogenesis process but evidences show that phytonutrients it contain can help to reduce risk of heart disease and stroke. Avoid to have other health issue while you are working on reducing risk of cancer is always a wise approach. Chemotherapy will  do its job better on people with no complication disease.  Eat them in whole foods instead. 

8. Turmeric. 

  • The strong anti oxidant and anti inflammatory it contains should make it deserve to be in the list of anti angiogenesis food.

9. Garlic. (more information to come)

  • The medicinal application of garlic goes back as far as 1500 B.C., when ancient Egyptians recommended it for host of ailments, including heart disease, tumors, parasites, and headaches. Allicin and other sulfur compounds in it seem to be responsible for garlic's anti fungal, anti cancer and anti oxidant effects. Some modern studies performed in animal and human suggest that garlic shows anti-cancer agent and can significantly reduce risk of cancer if consumed on a regular basis. Being said, it deserves to be in the list of anti angiogenesis food. 

10. Pineapple (more information to come)

  • Among other its ton of health benefits, I believe bromelain plays a crucial role in reducing risk of cancer. Bromelain is an enzyme that help protein digestion and improve bowel movement. Having regular bowel movement is required for the body burder reduction that, in turn, will reduce a chance of gene mutation. 
  • In addition, bromelain that is also contained in papaya have shown anti-inflammatory activities. No wonder it is in the list of anti angiogenesis food. Prepare pineapple in a salad to be consumed as a whole food or juice its chunks to boost the immune system. Recipes to come

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